Pinterest SEO 2020 : How To Design A SEO Optimized Viral Pin?

by Smarty

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Want to know how to design a viral pin?

The main key ingredient to it is Pinterest SEO. So, don’t ignore SEO optimizing your pins in 2020, as Pinterest smart feed has changed a lot.

Have you experienced any viral pin before? If yes then you’re a winner but if no then let’s do it.

It’s a proven fact that Pinterest is the top traffic-driving social channel for bloggers. That’s why designing a visual appealing pin is a must for your Pinterest growth. According to the Tailwind, 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins. That means beautiful pins attract pinners with ease.

We all are familiar with the fact that the life of a Pinterest pin is 1600 times longer than the usual Facebook post. So, in 2020 Pinterest SEO optimization is what your pin needs to become viral. Ready for this amazing guide to designing a Pinterest SEO optimized viral pin, then let’s begin.

We have added some extra elements too to this guide which are also important for designing your viral pin.

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1  Branding Elements

Remember that expert bloggers create pins having a theme or fixed pattern which resembles their blog brand. So, consider following your brand algorithm in your Pinterest pins too. The main elements needed to consistently branded pins are fonts, colors, and images.



Try to use the same fonts as on your blog or mix some matching to get recognized easily. The new era is smart & uses smart gadgets too. So, to attract viewers via smartphones make your fonts large. Make sure to keep your fonts readable and clear. If you want to add a script at the footer then take care of font pairing and choose the right one. Some tricks to stand out in the Pinterest feed related to fonts are:

1 Use a text overlay.

2 Go for simple font typefaces.

3 Add power words to grab attention.

4 Clean and large fonts.

5 Try to add some white space.

Some examples to get a clear idea about the fonts size, pairing, background, and typeface.



Most of the pins with bright colors like red, orange, rust and brown colors got twice the repins on Pinterest. But for easy recognition by your readers adding your brand colors is always fruitful. The trick of using perfect colors is to make your brand color as the accent color with warm tones of matching bright colors. Have a look at these inspirations:

The above examples show how the bright colored pins stand out in the smart feed of Pinterest and attract our eyeballs automatically. To do the same magic consider some simple hacks like warm tones, medium lightness, and proper saturation.


The third important element of a branded Pinterest pin is a perfect high-quality image. Images used for crafting a pin play an important role in its success. Our major marketing tools like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram are visual platforms, right? That’s why styled stock images become a must to grab visitor’s attention on these social channels. Look at these awesome styled stock photos and their look stimulate ideas. Creative ideas automatically start to come in mind about designing viral pins with them.

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Perfectly designed images are a game-changer for your promotion strategy. Have a look at the creative designing done with stock images in these Pinterest images:-


2 Pinterest SEO 2020

The highest quality pins with most repins appear at the top of the queue. You always try hard to get there, right? To get found on Pinterest smart feed the secret recipe for most repinned pins or you can say Pinterest SEO optimized viral pin is quality content.

Your pins, business account, and boards need to be SEO optimized with top keywords as well as long-tail related keywords. The ranking factor on Pinterest depends on the great content, relevancy, and consistency.

If you’re serious to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest then it’s too much worthy to invest in WPTasty.This awesome tool is a must to easily optimize your blog images for Pinterest, SEO, and traffic in one place. The most convincing as well as helpful features WPTasty covers are:

SEO Optimized Pin Descriptions

SEO Optimized ALT Tags

Hide Pinterest Specific Images

Force Pinning Feature

For detailed features look at this Ultimate Guide to use WPTasty plugin for getting more than 1,00,000 monthly unique viewers within 40 days + a pinning strategy guide for success to achieve this huge target.

Quality content is measured by five factors – Keywords, Domain Authority, Pin Quality, Pinner Consistency, and relevance.



Guided Search on Pinterest shows you the accurate visual and helps Pinterest users to get ideas and inspiration. Guided feature exploration suggests a lot of different but related ideas too. When we type our query related keyword in the search box, several extra keywords also appear below the box. You can smartly use them to create your content with any costly keyword researching tools.

To appear on top of the smart feed of Pinterest as well as search results, follow these easy tips:



The first impression that your Pinterest account visitors get in your profile. So, your profile should reflect your business and expertise. Here keywords play the main role to get you found on top search results. That’s why craft strong Pinterest SEO optimized profile. The most beautiful feature of Pinterest is that a brand new account can also get a bucketload of traffic easily here.

Assume you’re a professional social media marketing expert, then your Pinterest business account profile must look like:



Domain authority means you have a verified business account.

Make sure to validate and connect your website with Your Pinterest business account.

Apply for rich pins to gain trust on a Pinterest platform.

By working with a Business account on Pinterest you can get the full benefits. It gives you helpful tools for tracking which content is pinned from a website.  Switching to a Business account enables analytics tracking for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a visual content sharing social media channel. Even if you don’t pin your content other people do that directly from your website. This is the best Pinterest practice to embrace your hard work. You just plan how your content appears there. After you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works then you can actively pin your content yourself.



To improve the quality of your pins and make them Pinterest worthy, include these tiny changes to your pin designing strategy:

Use of keywords in your profile, pin description and board name + description strategically. Here’s a complete guide for Pinterest SEO “

Go for tall vertical images as Canva offers readymade pin dimensions i.e 735 pixels X 1102 pixels. The minimum width is 600 px. The aspect ration for a viral pin is 2:3 to 1:3.5.

Use high-resolution styled stock images for pins. Infuse your brand with fonts and colors of text.



Pinterest is a visual content sharing social media channel. Even if you don’t pin your content other people do that directly from your website. This is the best Pinterest practice to embrace your hard work. You just plan how your content appears there. After you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works then you can actively pin your content yourself.

Pinterest provides live social proof for content strategy. When people are continuously repinning a post’s image, then it proves that customers are interested in that content. Look how one of our pins got viral and got a lot of shares in one night.

That’s the proof of Pinterest’s powerful traffic increasing capacity. So, consistently and better-pinning gains maximum traffic to your blog. Pin strategically boost your sales the fastest way. This is the reason people claim that they made a lot of money on Pinterest. If you’re ready to make money with your brand new blog business and need Pinterest basic + advance tips, don’t miss this exclusive resource.

Make your first-time blog visitors into loyal customers


We know you’re super busy in creating content, designing social media posts, free resources, videos & content for webinars? And you need the easiest way to land your clients with a beautiful blog website ASAP.


3 Call To Action

CTA or Call To Action is the button with a link encouraging readers to click. Your call to action is the most important tool to offer some benefit to the customer as well as boost your own sales. Otherwise, your click-through rate will go down or if you’re a new business owner then it will not even start.

So, to design a perfect call to action for your Pinterest pin images decide what is your main goal to achieve with it?

For example:

Do you want to grow your list?

Want to increase your sales?

Need organic traffic to your blog website?

Whatever your goal is, keep in mind about that while writing your call to action. Curiosity is the desire to know. Use it to craft your call to action message and evoke desire in your audience’s mind to know what’s the offer your CTA giving them. This trick easily forces your readers to click and ultimately you get higher CTR (click-through rate) + more sales.

To write a compelling call-to-action message isn’t an easy task. Developing a sense of urgency for customers to take action, you’ve to assist them too.


4 Scheduling

For beginner bloggers when you’re not making money with your blog and just investing your hard-earned money on hosting, tools, courses, and blah blah…, investing in a social media scheduler frustrates you, right? Pinterest offers you to schedule free as well as there is one more tool that offers free 100 pins to schedule. We’re talking about TAILWIND the #1 Pinterest pins scheduling tool. Near about every 3rd blog business owner uses this tool to grow traffic and make money now.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of TAILWIND for totally beginner bloggers, then we’ve compiled a list about a few of them:

Tailwind offers you time slots according to your timezone.

2 You can join Tailwind tribes to place your content in front of millions of other users for free.

3 It’s very easy to find your popular pins by analytics of tailwind.

4 A scheduling pin is like a child’s game with this tool.


Get your $15 free credit with our special link today and ask us in comments for any query related to using TAILWIND.

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