5 Saucy Secrets For Mompreneur To Become Expert Easily

by Smarty

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Working Mompreneur?

Welcome to the blogging industry. We all have a mindset as a beginner mom blogger:

Expert Bloggers who stand out online have –>>

A lot of team members to work for them.

Huge money to invest in tools & resources.

Millions of fan following to increase their traffic.

and feel that new working mompreneur can’t invest much time and money like them.

….But the reality those expert bloggers had –>>

Struggled a lot to discover easy ways for you.

Invested many worthy years to gain experience.

Made huge fan following by solving their problems.

Don’t forget that they also started from zero as a beginner blogger and worked hard the same way as we are. That’s why today, I have planned to share some secrets expert bloggers used to stand out online.

We all know that for consistently profitable blog business, it’s necessary to choose a topic you’re interested & passionate about. To reach your ideal audience, prove to them that you know your content. When your audience strongly feel that the brand they’re following is really helpful, only then they will take you seriously & invest in your products.

So, the moral is:

We need to build an epic online presence with our Blog content + Brand. Now, the question arises in all the mom’s mind that how a newly launched blog business can look like an expert?


To reach your ideal audience, prove to them that you know your content.Click To Tweet


” Be A Daring Working Mompreneur”


Being a mompreneur you can’t achieve that top position overnight. We all ladies have lots of responsibilities and a very busy work schedule due to uncountable home chores. So, dear working moms you have to research the problems your audience need help with, learn a lot in your niche & experiment your ideas with a mass approach.

Scared of the heavy words I used, don’t be. Use this post as a guide to lay a solid foundation. Being honest, I advise you not to believe controversial statements which claim colossal success overnight like earning huge or launching your blog in 20 minutes. Being a working mom I have studied locally as well as online that these kinds of sweet promises or talks lure us easily.


  • We play three job roles as working + mom + entrepreneur means working mompreneur.
  • Always short on time.
  • Messy desktop and blog docs.
  • Less Social posts always mean less engagement.
  • Less sleep due to lack of productivity.
  • No me time or free time to think deep for ideas.

Let’s dig in the most influential ways to stand out as a working mompreneur.


Consistent Content




It’s okay if you can’t spare enough time (2-3 hours) at once. Reason can be your busy schedule obviously due to job, kids, and home. It’s a proven fact that a consistently written article has an effective approach with proper elaboration throughout.

So, try to use time blocking strategy for consistency but make sure to eliminate every possible distraction in that time period.

For example: In my beginning days, I try to write my content in my free time whenever I get. Maybe it’s evening tea time when I come back home after the job or when kids are playing around.


Then first, I bought an amazing blog planner made by amazing mompreneur & Email marketing expert MEERA KOTHAND. I set it up with marked time blocks when I really have some free time.  I put together similar tasks in those time blocks according to my priorities.

Managed to follow my planned tasks for a week and got unbelievable results. I completed two posts, posted consistently on my social channels and all without any mental pressure like before. To cut off your time by 30% plan your content wisely with

mompreneur 35





It’s hard to know what to do next for growing your blog business. But dear mom let’s work smart instead of hard. There are plenty of experts online who love to research & launch helpful tools /resources. All you need is to just start with a plan to search your prospects on the internet ( the ultimate source of knowledge). My list of awesome blogging resources (mostly free) is for you.

Some tools to find your target audience that experts use are:


The first tool is Buzzsumo. I use it for all my research activities. It simply gives you huge results on most shared & trending topics easily.





Content is most important for organic reach. To create engaging and useful content just visit Buzzsumo. It provides very helpful data with free signup also. Just type your keyword into search panel like below:




Then head to any of the tabs among the most shared, analysis, trending to explore your kick. Here you can learn what’s trending or going well in the industry, what your competitors are doing? You easily get a lot of popular & experts to follow for learning. And then turn that inspiration into action.

MUST READ –>> BUZZSUMO: The Definitive Guide



My second tool is Pinterest. I’m sure you want to correct me here that Pinterest is not a tool, it’s a search engine.

You are right dear mums, but if we use it for research & learning it is the best tool for blogger especially working mompreneur. It simply provides a ton of ideas by plugging in the keyword

The results with the Pinterest search bar are better than Google for bloggers. Can’t believe? Let me prove.

I entered keyword ‘blogger’ in the google search bar & the results look like this:




But when I did the same action with Pinterest search bar the result looks like this:




You can clearly get other related keywords easily as well as content already present online. Another big deal you can get directly to the person or you can say the influencer, by moving to people tab. If you need more content research then head to boards, simple. When I clicked on people tab the scene on my screen was like this:




Are you also in the above pic mommy? Comment if yes.

Isn’t Pinterest a great tool for learning new every day? If you want to grow your blog traffic + Pinterest followers like weed then the best resource is “MAKING PINTEREST POSSIBLE”






Facebook is the #1 social channel with over one billion users. But nowadays facebook groups are more utilized by beginner bloggers as well as influencers to grow their business. The reasons behind are:

1  Nearly every mobile phone user is on Facebook.

2  It provides a lot of features like mid-roll video ads, Facebook live computer broadcasts, Facebook journalism, independent messenger, a news feed, discovers people and much more. If you want to explore more than a post by Andrew Tate is all you need.

3  Easier source to connect & collaborate with other fellow bloggers.

4  Easy access to get support & inspiration from similar hustlers.

5  Can use your account as a blog also to make money.

The best about Facebook groups is the personal feel that comes with the engaging community it provides. If you join relevant (not spammy) groups then surely get a lot of help with your blog business needs. Grab my most helpful & genuine Facebook groups list for mompreneurs.






Hey! awesome mompreneurs, I’m damn sure while working on your blog when you visit any influencer or co-bloggers website, you say wow…









Isn’t the above blog examples mindblowing?

You crave to have a blog website like above, right?  Next moment, you try to change font, colors & images of your blog to look like them. Don’t you? Every new blogger does that in the initial stage of blogging. It doesn’t mean that you’re copying them. You just indulge in presenting your blog looks good like them.

As a new blogger cum mompreneur we all:

  1. Read a lot of blog posts.
  2. Follow others as much as we can.
  3. Invest in courses & ebooks.
  4. Attend webinars.
  5. Download all the content we get for free.

What does these activities brings to you in return?

Too much reading makes you confused & your evaluating capability gets crushed. You follow blindly without a plan about what you need to learn or do at a particular blogging stage? You simply invest your hard earned money (on the resources) you’re not even sure of any fruitful outcome. The webinars & downloads simply occupy your laptop space & time.

This mistake to learn too much & from everywhere traps your creativity in analysis paralysis. You just keep on learning without implementing in action. Every expert entrepreneur believes in taking action, making mistakes and then learn from them to move forward like never before.


It's a proven fact that a consistently written article has an effective approach with proper elaboration throughout.Click To Tweet


So, avoid comparing your work to someone else who is already an established blogger. You are just starting out your journey, so try to launch as soon as possible instead of becoming perfect. Get our most reliable resources to ease your beginner blogger journey.






Being a mom of two, I always struggle a lot to keep my house clean and hygiene as I love doing it. Similarly, I tend to keep my blog or you can say blog website always pretty & updated. Dear moms, if you’re a new mompreneur then don’t bet on the look of your blog. As visitors judge you by the look & branding nowadays. It’s necessary to choose a beautiful theme + smooth functioning.

Some affordable beautiful themes from Bluchic are:





No, mommy darling you don’t need to invest huge money for a gorgeous looking blog. To look like a blogging pro mompreneur just take care of these essentials for a professionally designed blog look.

  1. Fonts & colors
  2. Favicon + Logo
  3. Header Area with Freebie
  4. Meta description
  5. H1, H2 subheads & meta tags
  6. Self-hosted blog
  7. Gravatar
  8. Copyright notice
  9. Comments & Permission Policy








Consistent blogging within your daily life’s busy schedule means countless work.

I know the struggle a mompreneur goes through while raising kids with business. They have a lot of sleepless nights, busy mornings along with uncountable house chores. And the situation is more hectic if a mompreneur has a full-time day job also.

I’m the one among them. That’s why I can understand your hustles.

Blogging consistently is possible for you too, even if you’re a working + mompreneur. Let’s find out how:



Don’t think planning as a long, boring or time-consuming task. It’s the basic need for consistent blogging as a mompreneur. You can make it simple by creating tasks with reminders & progress tracking using productivity tools like Asana, Pocket, Coach.me, Trello, Rescuetime.

Firstly, write down each task you have to complete for typical blogging. For example:

  1. Come up with headlines idea. (create 4 or 5 for each post)
  2. Outlining blog post content.
  3. Writing introduction, main body & conclusion.
  4. Shareable images
  5. Editing and proofreading
  6. Promotion technique
  7. Social posts & many more like these…


Moms are the most beautiful creation of god & everybody knows her universal ability of management. So, mompreneur is already her business manager. Then using this god gift manage your blog tasks by batching similar ones. Learn how to batch efficiently to save your time as well as energy:

  • Plan your week on holiday. Do similar tasks like when finding images for a post, edit them for the blog as well as social posts. Then save them naming post keyword.
  • Write down your ideas in your phone with Google docs to access them everywhere. In fact, I outline & draft my post in my office free time(mostly at lunch break)
  • While tailoring social posts schedule them up for a share.
  • To craft emails, keep some handy templates to save time.
  • Save time by editing 3 or more posts at one time.



Email courses are most helpful for mompreneurs as they are automated. You have to set them up once and they reach your audience & drive traffic automatically. As a beginner, just devote some time and tricks to create Welcome Email Series and Email Mini-Course. They are the best freebies to offer which ultimately surge your list on autopilot.

Interested in designing Free Email course? Join our Email series to create lead generating Email course. Grow your blog strategically & save your time for other productive tasks.



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