How To Balance Your Mom Blog & Family Life Easily? (In 2019)

by Smarty

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Mom Blog business… 
mom blog11

This passion is growing as well as changing day by day.

But these changes are not much favorable to mom bloggers. To get noticed online is the main target every beginner blogger wants to achieve. Your blog has to come out of Google sandbox to rank higher in search results.

It’s a studied fact that to rank in Google searches you need to blog consistently (post twice or thrice a week). Of course, your posts should have quality content. For work at home mom or working moms consistent blogging means to devote a lot of time from their busy schedule.

Due to your mom blog:

  • 1 You’re working day & night (means your brain works non-stop).
  • 2 Your morning is full of routine tasks.
  • 3 You live always annoyed & frustrated.
  • 4 Your loved ones complain about behavior changes.
  • 5 Sleepless nights making you unhealthy.
  • 6 Your partner is missing quality time with you.

If all these situations are coming in your ways, then it’s clear that you lack the strength of productivity and time management.

How is it possible to declutter the chaos between blog & job? Every new mom blog owner wants to know. I was also so keen to manage my blog & job with kids. Honestly, I didn’t find a mentor or guide to show me the clear road-map to successful blog business.

So, I learned with my experiments & failures by researching deep in my niche. You can freely add some of my tested quick changes in your mom blog plan to work smart and manage all house & kids chores easily.

Let’s go through these easy-peasy tricks to spare more family time.


1 Manage Your Work Schedule

mom blog2

Being a mom blogger or working mom + entrepreneur, we have uncountable daily tasks to do, right? Raising kids is a full-time duty and home chores seem to be never-ending at all. That’s why it’s necessary to manage time and work to spare some me-time or family time with consistent blogging too.

You can start simply with Tailwind to automate your blog for driving traffic consistently.

Some smart tips to consider for Work at home Mom bloggers:

1 Use morning calmness to write your content.
2 While preparing breakfast turn on your smart device(amazon echo for me) & listen to fav podcasts.
3 While having kids their breakfast I make beds and load the dishwasher.
4 During laundry answer emails.
5 During naptime of your baby design your social posts or work on products.
6 Use the child’s playtime to make the grocery list or plan meals ahead.
7 Try instant pot for saving time by cooking fast.
8 Automate your social sharing by using Buffer(free), Hootsuite(free), Planoly(free), Tailwind(free).
9 You can invite guest bloggers when not getting enough time to write with kids.
10 Try to involve your hubby or family members to help with your blog chores.


If you have a day job also then these tricks can help a lot: 

  • 1 Use the holiday to plan meals for a whole week & get enough groceries in advance.
  • 2 While getting ready for work take your pics for Instagram posts.
  • 3 In the office, use spare time to answer emails/reply comments/manual pinning.
  • 4 Use travel time to catch up with your competitor’s progress or find what’s trending?
  • 5 Hire a babysitter if necessary to get some time to relax.
  • 6 Outsource as much as you can afford.
  • 7 Use automation tools to cut off daily blogging tasks.
  • 8 Use online grocery stores for home delivery to save time.
  • 9 Outsource laundry, sweeping and routine chores.

Which one suits your busy life, share in comments.

2 Goals For Your New Mom Blog

mom blog5

In the starting 60 days after launch, your blog needs to publish quality content frequently. It simply increases your chance to appear in Google results. So, utilize your spare time to brainstorm post ideas and writing. If you’re finding difficult to have enough time for writing then outsource this task to freelancers online.

For the first two months:

This time period is when your blog business needs a solid foundation. You can name it your launch or Foundation stage. So, your goals list look like this:

Write 4-5 blog posts
Creating pins
Scheduling pins to the tailwind
Research for blog content
Make connections with X other bloggers
Follow & commenting on X others blog
Pitch for X guest posts
Join X Facebook groups
Getting X subscribers
Getting X followers on social channels.

Some don’ts to take care of at the initial phase of your mom blog:

1. Avoid starting your own Facebook group as it needs active engagement & lot of time to grow.

2. Ignoring SEO can harm your organic traffic growth.

3. Avoid distractions while writing.

4. While setting goals make sure to order them according to ROI(return on investment).

5. Don’t indulge in copying others content for own blog post creation.

6. Don’t hesitate to use sticky notes on your computer or laptop.

If you need fully systemized Mom Blog Planner for creating content, setting goals, promo traffic here’s the best blog planner designed by MEERA KOTHAND.

mom blog32


3 Write Blog Post Series

Blog series means theme writing or creating blog posts on a topic. It’s a good choice for new mom bloggers. It simply cut down your time spent in brainstorming or searching for blog post ideas.


Essentials of a successful blog series:

1 Choose your blog series topic.

2 Plan a source to deliver your content.

3 Choose an appropriate format for content

4 Create social media posts.

5 Make ready 9 – 12 blog posts before launch.

6 Design content upgrades for your posts.

7 Have a promotion strategy.

We know that your time is so precious. So, having a content strategy is a must to get the desired results from your blog. Brainstorm content ideas at the beginning of your blog planning & research for specific keywords. Spreadsheets are the best friend for managing content ideas for a month in advance.


4 Best Friend Of Mom Bloggers Ever



Pinterest is like the best friend of mom bloggers. As women are naturally efficient to create beautiful designs, Pinterest serves as the best social channel for them. Have a look at some interesting stats below:

87% of pinners have purchased through Pinterest.
93% of visitors planned future purchases.
It drives 17% traffic to E-commerce sites.
2/3 pins are of a brand or product.
Content on Pinterest has the longest life of 105 days.
31% of adult online users are habitual to use Pinterest.

To drive organic as well as referral traffic, Pinterest is the best social media source. So, it’s necessary to integrate it with your blog whether on WordPress or any other blogging platform like Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, etc.

The changes recently Pinterest has made are really helpful for quality content creators. The new Pinterest strategy includes quality over quantity. Now, you don’t have to pin a whole day like a jerk. Just follow some easy steps and organic traffic starts coming to your blog.

If You’re serious to monetize your blog just from starting, then Pinterest is a highly recommended tool to use. A complete guide to strategic Pinterest Approach as a beginner blogger is here:


Signup for Tailwind account if you have no time to share your content daily and money to invest for hiring freelancers. It’s not easy to pin manually if you’re a beginner blogger, so scheduling with Pinterest makes pinning hassle-free. In simple words, it’s the best scheduling free tool for Pinterest.

Pinterest Group Boards

For driving organic traffic & grow an email list, it’s beneficial to join some active Pinterest boards. Pinterest Group boards are helpful in increasing your page views as well as follow if used strategically. They help to interact with other bloggers in your niche which leads to awesome collaborations. If you join relevant & active groups then these group boards surely surge your list.

Search for:

  • 1 The board is active & regular pinning is going on.
  • 2 It is relevant to your niche and target audience.
  • 3 No. of pins present on the board.
  • 4 No. of followers already there.
  • 5 Members repin each other’s content too.
  • 6 Use Pingroupie to find out your ideal group boards.
  • 7 Join your competitor’s you followed ever.


Whether you’re in the role of stay at home mom or a working mom, you have to work as a multitasker. By adding one more job role of having a blog business, we need to manage our time more efficiently. Try the productivity strategies we discussed in this post and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

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