How To Create An Excellent Mini Email Course?

by Smarty
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Email course…

Sounds very heavy word if you’re a beginner in the blogging industry. You hear everybody saying that money is in the list. What the heck this list is & how to get one for profitable blog business?

Do you also fool your readers by showing off that you’re starting a blog as a hobby, not for income? It’s a universal truth that everyone in the blog business wants to earn now or then. So, if you want to earn money by blogging then admit it and set your goals accordingly. Don’t forget to secure your blog business with SITEGROUND.

Yes, it’s true that we need a list to sell our digital products, affiliate products, physical products or services. The best way to start & grow a list is by creating a mini email course.

I’m talking here about a mini-email course because successful blog launch takes a lot of content and efforts. So, creating a lengthy course can suck your mind and precious time too. Is it worthy to create an email course at your initial blogging stage?

Your Answer:-


1 Source of lead generation by signups.

2 Easily become unknown to known.

3 Easy source to deliver targeted messages.

4 Automation saves you precious time.

5 It’s almost free to set up(best for beginners)

6 Results are measurable.

and much more…

Welcome to the smart email mini-course creation system. This system is designed to show you the step-by-step process. It has the power to generate leads for your business like a magnet.

Here’s are the steps included in this guide to follow:


What the heck my course topic should be? Deciding on a topic is hard for sure. But, do you know it isn’t that much difficult. You just need to spend a little time to find out what your audience needs?


People generally invest in products based on what is painful or a struggle for them. They need a solution not a false promise, right?

To decide your valuable topics just ask yourself these important questions:

What group of audience you’re helping?
Which area or problem they are struggling?
What do they desire to?
Which social channels they hang out?
Can you monetize your idea?

In the beginning, you really need the resources to find out your niche as well as a target audience, right? But you have to struggle here & there for a particular resource as a new blogger having no proper guidance. We understand your pain, dear. Go through these resources + tools and if you find them working for you, don’t forget to share with others in need.

To get answers to the questions asked above, these places are most helpful. Make a visit sure to:


Facebook groups (list of my joined groups)




Think with Google

Comments on your competitor’s blog


email course2

We have some interesting ideas for setting goals. With blogging, you should set two types of goals.

First – what do you want with your product?
Second – what your customer accomplish with your product?

These both type of goals will help you to satisfy the customer completely as well as help in generating sales. Before we dive into the exercise to set goals, tell me if you haven’t launched your blog yet?


Because my friend MEERA KOTHAND’s resource is awesome for beginners. She is a certified email marketer and Amazon’s bestselling author too. I’m a big fan of her EBook “The Blog startup”. Many of my readers loved my suggestion to read this ultimate guide for epic blog launch as it kick-started their blog launch journey.


Let’s start:

Type 1 Goals:

What threshold or metrics do you want to hit?

For Example: To get 500 subscribers in one month.

What outcomes do you want to get with your mini-course?

For example: To build trust to offer paid product

How will you market it?

For example Emails, social media, ads

What value will you insert in the course?

Successful bloggers always try to build relationships with their readers. They always make sure to provide a warm welcome to their audience by welcome email series. Because it’s the best way to be known by your tribe. Email course helps to know what your readers expect to receive from you.

So, setting goals is really important to share your knowledge strategically with your list.

Type 2 Goal:

1. What your customer’s or audience can expect?
2. Problems they got solved?
3. What goals they will achieve in the end?

We all try to create a list with offering incentives to the people. But the topmost priority is to fulfill the promise you made with your content. Your reader must end by getting the solution to their problem.


email course5

Now, as we have chosen our course topic and goals for it too. It’s time to outline our email course content. For outlining course content, see the whole course as a journey from start point to endpoint with some steps included between.

So, in simple words outlining an email course needs:
1. Targeting Customer’s pain point or struggle.
2. Aware of the problem.
3. Teach or show the way to the solution.
4. Share strategy to follow.
5. Provide resources (free as well as paid)
6. Evoke them to take action.
7. Divert to your product or desired goal.


The main purpose of creating a course is to make a change your customer needs. It is basically a transforming process to get customers from where they are to where they want to be.


After outlining your email course content decide some important deadlines:

How many days your course needs to last?

How many emails you will send?

What and how many sections to include in your emails?

Setting a timeline helps you to stay accountable and motivated.

A good schedule looks like this:

1 if educating over 0-7 days, send 4-5 emails.

2 when educating over 7-9 days, send 5-6 emails.

3 if educating over 10-14 days, send 7-8 emails.

Incorporate the first email as a welcome email and then send your course lessons. But in between send one email to get personalized with your readers because you both need to understand each other.

You have to build trust and by this email ask for their queries, suggestions they want next from you. Once they start trusting you, the strong bond established will pursue them to become loyal and paying customers.

So, it’s quite necessary to figure out the frequency and no. of emails you will send while outlining the course.


email course6

There are tons of effective ways to create quality content. Yes, it’s a proven fact that content is king in blogging. You’re new to the blogging world & no one knows you, so to make identity the best tool you can use is your content. Never bet on it while setting up your blog business due to lack of time.

The content you write for your target audience comes from your soul. It reflects your personality as well as delivers your brand voice.

Some basic essentials to course content creation are:

1 It should be attractive to bind readers from start till end.

2 Your content must be interactive to encourage audience engagement.

3 The steps or methods elaborated in your content should be easy to imply.

4 Your links decide your credibility. So, include worthy links and check their working regularly.

Integrate the above elements to create a program that is a clear systematic process to achieve the desired result. Keep in mind to not focus a lot on product quality as a beginner. Try to increase the quality of your content by making it valuable. If you will provide step-by-step practical instructions, your students will love your course.

You can opt for any type of format to create course content. Some of the famous are Plain text, Video, Audio, Slides, Screencasts. Keep your lessons at about 5-7 minutes long whether it’s in video, audio or text format. Your students have a lot of work which means they are super busy. So, keep your content concise & actionable.


email course7

A money-making blog isn’t easy to launch, right? 90% of beginner bloggers quit within 3 months of blogging journey.

If you’ve analyzed any competitor or influencer, they got a lot of shares, followers, backlinks, and traffic to their blog. So, the key to a popular blog is traffic.
Simple Trick: Offer a lot of valuable freebies to help others + pointing to your paid products too. You’ve surely heard about Sue B Zimmerman, Mari Smith, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean, Sujan Patel, Neil PatelRebekah Radice and many other experts like them. All of these experts share a lot of content as freebies.

So, try to create & insert relatable + actionable FREE DOWNLOADS in your course emails to ease your reader’s hustle.

Some of the popular types of freebies for the email course are:

Step-by-step guide

Email sequence, autoresponder or email sales funnel, we all have heard about it. If not, then what the heck it is?

In simplest words, email sales funnel is a series of emails sent to the list for achieving desired results. It provides basic knowledge about your product & aware your readers about how your product can be beneficial for them.

Consider some easy options to ensure a fluff-free sale like:

  1. Always send the first email as “Subscriber Welcome Email.”
  2. Give chance to re-engage those subscribers who were inactive by sending them a mail again.
  3. Offer separate and more valuable content to those who downloaded your free content. Ask for feedback for testimonials.
  4. Send reminder mail to those who abandoned the cart while shopping.
  5. Offer option to those who want to unsubscribe your list.

For a detailed understanding of the sales funnel:

 MUST-READ: What Is a Sales Funnel? The Guide to Building                            an Automated Selling Machine.


In a blogger’s life, this stage always comes when we struggle to get people to visit our online space (website) for making sales. Why this happens to all & what’s the solution to avoid it?

Because your website is unable to attract visitors to a specific target. You can change this situation by incorporating a landing page. A landing page is a source to collect leads for generating sales. So, you can’t afford to ignore the essentials needed by a fully optimized landing page.

Look here what these essentials are?

—> Well SEO optimized Headline

—> Short description that speaks to your reader’s struggle.

—> Include any testimonials or nice words said by your followers.

—> A clearly visible Call To Action.

—> Avoid adding any distractions like other post or link.

—> Don’t forget using good visuals like images or videos.

—> Don’t make your reader roll down for the main message. Keep it in starting.

Example for a crystal clear image of a perfect landing page, you can get ideas for your email course:

email course15

The above image contains good headline + suspense to evoke readers happily enter their email address. After sign up the reader lands on the perfectly optimized landing page below:

Some tools which save your time to create highly converting landing pages are Instapage, Unbounce, ThriveArchitect, Elementor, Leadpages.


Today’s generation is a gadget geek & spent a lot of time on their smartphones. So, how we can ignore this important fact while designing our email course? A recent data says that 76% of emails are opened on either smartphone or tab. In the coming days, wearable gadgets will change things to be more challenging.

Designing emails for your target audience need some basic elements you must take care

#1 Optimize headline & subject line with Coschedule Headline Analyzer.
#2 Use only one column design.
#3 Add more white space for clean design.
#4 Use the large call to action buttons.
#5 Take care of retina devices while designing your emails.
#6 Keep your preheader short and to the point.
#7 Use attractive images.
#8 Use colors and fonts similar to your brand.

When we talk about tips numerous suggestions come out. But always try to learn and change with experimenting your own creative ideas. To get a basic knowledge of designing email you must choose the best email marketing software like CONVERTKIT or DRIP. These two provides you with unlimited resources and options to design your exclusive, branded and eye-catching emails.

Don’t stick with my words, choose your email marketing software wisely. For help, comparison among 7 top services is here:

 MUST READ: 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small                                 Business (2018)


Bingo! You have created your first passive income generating source means an email course. What it takes? A number of sleepless nights, a lot of editing, huge research, long learning of designing & set up tools.

But no one knows it & your list has 0 signups. Now, what to do?

You’re missing the marketing strategy, dear. Without shouting for your product, how can you sell it?

So, let’s talk about how to plan a powerful email course promotion/marketing strategy:

Brainstorm whether your goals help your customers too or not? Include additional goals if necessary. Choose tools & resources wisely.


1 Promote it directly on your blog (create a course sales page)
2 Social media channels are the perfect source for promotion.
3 Optimize your social profiles.
4 Join forums and communities like Quora, Medium, Facebook groups.
5 Pin on Pinterest boards. If you’re confused about how to use Pinterest Strategically, the most promising book I learned     Pinterest can help you out easily. It’s the famous book “The she approach to Making Pinterest Possible” written by ANA

6 Make a little investment in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
7 Create infographics and share on Pinterest.
8 Use Instagram to market your course by sharing tips.
9 Offer freebies to subscribers.
10 Include Skyscraper technique to rank for SEO.


As a beginner blogger, it is possible to make money fast by your email list. The trick is simple just start creating an email course. You can use automation to save time, sell your affiliate products, increase organic traffic, get loyal customers(who pays for your products) with an email course. Your course and supportive posts, content upgrades make your readers trust you & encourage to buy from you.

Share in the comments what email course you have or going to create? I’d love to sign up for your courses.

You’re leaving you all freebie! Get on the list to promote your brand new course by adding basic elements.

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