7 Highly Active Facebook Groups To Help New Bloggers

by Smarty

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Facebook groups??????? 

Are you also wondering about the growing popularity of Facebook groups these days?

Want to join but unknown how to choose the most active and engaging group?

Let’s talk straight & to the point. You’re here because you want to get help & support from other people in blog business like you. We all know about Facebook and its groups online. But do you know what you can expect from these Facebook groups?

Get help with:

1 Validating your business idea.

2 Find the pain points of readers from discussions

3 Easily build relationships by bringing people together.

4 Connects you with like-minded people.

5 Awesome place to brainstorm ideas for content.

6 Get daily inspirations & wise pieces of advice.

7 Get feedback on your ideas or projects.

8 Announce new products and projects in front of hundreds to validate.

9 Increase traffic by sharing snapshots of your content.

And much more like above…


Facebook groups

These are the best resource to reach your target audience. You can get new friends and customers too at one place. To connect with your audience many experts advise for inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media. But for beginner blogger’s success in these huge areas, a lot of time will be needed to learn these terms first.

So, the easiest tricky but effective way is to join these Facebook groups listed below:


Blogger & Biz Babes





This is a closed group of near about 12k members and bloggers here encourage each other by sharing ideas in business & life. Here you can promote your content if share with a planned strategy. It’s a great place to get the basics of blogging by other bloggers. Here, most of the posts get dozens of comments. Here you can get an opportunity to be featured as an expert too.

This group allows promoting your own products only on Friday as PROMO FRIDAY.

Here is a snapshot of the bite-sized rules this group admin ask new members to follow:





Business Owners Who Think Big





This is a huge group with more than 20k members. Here you can freely ask for advice, share freebies and build relationships. The promotion day is only MONDAY. As a beginner blogger you might be busy figuring out:

How to increase organic traffic?

Which techniques can attract loyal customers?

How to get quality backlinks?


This group solves all the hustles like these. Main attractions are:

  • You can promote on Monday.
  • Share & get business tips on Tuesday.
  • Discover other people in your field on Wednesday.
  • Ask & answer questions on Thursday.
  • Join live chat with experts on Friday.
  • Share your thoughts & personal stories on Saturday.
  • Share memes, pics, quotes or videos on Sunday.



The Smart Passive Income Community




Nobody is unknown to Expert Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is a famous entrepreneur, the blogger who is a beloved thought leader in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle business. Forbes awarded Pat Flynn among one of the most transparent business leaders recently. His community has above 38k members as every successful blogger works hard to generate passive income.

This group has 7 admins including Pat Flynn of course. The rules are very simple & basic as follows:

  • No Spamming
  • No self-promotion (affiliates, like blog posts)
  • Be kind & courteous
  • Respect others privacy
  • No hate speech or Bullying



Humans Of Online Business




Humans of online business is an awesome group of more than 10k members. The admins of this group are Abu Fofanah with Regina Anaejionu and 6 others. You can meet them at the group. All are super helpful & co-operative. Regina is a legend in launch strategy for any online business. She is a coach & expert in live workshops where she teaches with live examples of successful people. Some established bloggers like Meera Kothand, Miranda Nahmias are also a member of this group. This group has some do not rules to maintain the core value. Some main rules are:

  • Sales attempt not allowed.
  • Going live or sharing live video is not allowed.
  • No MLM offers/questions allowed here.
  • Request to raise fund without permission is banned.
  • Affiliate links posting is not allowed.

You’re welcome to share your grievances, problems, and hustles to get help with. Your creative ideas are most welcomed here. So, get connected with experts here & make your way to success.



The Rising Tide Society




This community is a very high potential platform for new bloggers to learn. It has active members more than 75k. Isn’t it a huge figure to build relationships and to collaborate for creative projects? When you request to join this group, automatically you agree to be a member of rising tide society too. They have a separate free platform (thecreativecommunity.com) to endorse your affiliates, products & ISO’s. It’s a great initiative for members to explore new opportunities in online business.

Let’s have a look at there do’s & don’t’s:




Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher




Here you can get & share ideas about how to generate income through Facebook Groups? If your blog business group is new & you’re searching for tips to grow it, then this community has unlimited opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded people. All you have to do is just follow this group’s rules. The rules are so simple and minimum as compared to all

  • No promos allowed in a post or comment.
  • Give value.
  • Be open.

Yes finished. This no fluffy approach drives more members. Caitlin is a real expert of generating leads with a facebook group.



The Solopreneur Society




It’s a closed group hosted by Dre Beltrami, the owner at The Branded Solopreneur. More than 6.4k members are active here and every new or beginner blogger is welcomed here to learn branding tips. Learn the best way to represent yourself as a brand with this group. When you land on the group’s main page, they offer a personality quiz. By clicking here, you land directly to the website The Branded Solopreneur & this quiz helps you to understand your needs as a brand. If you want to cut down your time to launch your blog as a brand then this group can do wonders for you.

They allow self-promotion only on Wednesdays. You can share your social accounts, blog posts, new products with links.



Eager to introduce your business at the above mentioned Facebook groups?

Grab our exclusive list of some more outstanding facebook groups for bloggers in other niches too. By joining the Facebook groups listed in the resource below, you can make your blog niche profitable. If you want to know the secrets and steps to do that, then keep an eye on our coming posts. By signing up below you can download your free resources as well as get subscribed to coming exclusive products too. Join Smartytribe without more delay below:


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