6 Helpful Female Bloggers To Empower Your Email Marketing.

by Smarty

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Emails – A creative marketing tool for new bloggers & entrepreneurs.

Wondering how to grow your email list loaded with raving fans? Are you still struggling to craft powerful emails?

Then you need to read our previous article “How to avoid 8 email marketing fears?” first and next follow the 7 super helpful blogs to boost your email marketing. If you learn & implement the strategies from experts, you’ll be on the right path to a successful blog business. Expert bloggers are like a mentor for beginner bloggers as they guide them with their tried and tested tricks.

But, first, Let’s share some quick facts about email marketing.

Being a beginner every new blogger is unknown to the term email marketing. In simple words, email marketing is a method to promote your blog with the help of emails. So, you need to know how to do this & what are the basic elements needed for it?

The 6 basic needs for money-making email marketing is described and shared by these blogs beautifully. Let’s get some ideas for yours too.

#1  Your Email Marketing Fear

empower-email-marketing6 (2)

This is absolutely an eye-opening post by JEN SNYDER owner at women winning online to tackle all of your clueless struggles to send emails to your list. She explained beautifully about the hidden fears we all have as a new blogger and how to get rid of them easily. She has kept her writing very simple like a running conversation. This blog post is really a gem if you haven’t thought to start your first email campaign.

Check out the resource here:

6 Reasons Why Bloggers Are Scared To Send Emails And How To Get Past The Fear

One more resource by us:

How To Avoid 8 Email Marketing Fears? + Free Checklist To Overcome 



Get noticed by your readers without making them feel too salesy. In simple words, ELNA CAIN owner at Twins Mommy clarifies that how you can wow your fans by sending a different type of emails which are not just your blog posts. Her writing style is so catchy and directly convince your mind to go through her post till the end. If you are in doubt about my words then experience her magic yourself.

Check out the post here:

8 Emails You Can Send That Aren’t About Your Latest blog post



Another sassy post by ISABELLE PAQUIN is your trump card to win the audience. Her blog delivers nice hacks to follow if you are new to marketing. This exclusive post is to make you believe that without a lot of content a new blog can also have a list full of loyal followers. ISABELLE has shared terrific strategies to help out her followers. With this article, ISABELLE has shared terrific strategies to help out her readers.

Check out the post here :

How To Grow Your Email List When You Have Little Content

One more resource to read:

How To Create An Excellent Mini Email Course?



Forget this myth that your brand new blog must have a lot of content & freebies to giveaway. BETH ANNE SCHWAMBERGER exposed many saucy tricks about how to build your list even you’re a new blogger.

You will get a step by step guide about how you can also build your email list through this informative post.

Check out the post here:

Want To Build Your Email List? Try This! (It Works Even As A New Blogger)




We have now learned how to build a list by the promotional campaigns. Let’s learn about some marketing plugins. Just choose which one plugin goes well with your promotion strategy. Your mentor in this post is none other than ABBY LAWSON owner at justagirlandherblog 

She is well known for her success growth in a very short time span. ABBY and her blog are ideal for new bloggers.

Check out the post here:

The Best Email Marketing Plugins For WordPress



If you are going to create a series to offer as a freebie as well as to build a list then get all your questions answered here. Your mentor is just as awesome as her blog and she is the famous MEERAKOTHAND owner at meerakothand.com

She knows what to offer and when for maximum results. She is an expert in her field and given all the key points in her articles.

Check out the post here:

How to write a staggeringly good welcome email series

Let’s follow these blogs now!

We know that surging a list for a brand new blog is the most difficult task. The toughest part is if you’re new & unknown.  But learn by following others who are successfully doing what you’re going to. We shared above some sassy blogs to ease your hustle.

You can try these bite-sized tricks too for a quick outcome like:

1 Create and offer multiple lead magnets directly on your homepage.

2 Place your main or primary freebie at the following blog areas: Header, Footer, Sidebar, Topbar, End of the blog post, Main pages like about page, resource page or contact us page.

3 Host a campaign or giveaway with monitoring.

4 Add CTA buttons for your main lead magnet to your social profiles.

5 Design and integrate a landing page for your main offer.

Stay tuned for our next post to learn how to plan, design and promote a lead magnet that converts up to 80%.

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