6 No Fluffy Secrets To Explode Your Brand New Blog Traffic

by Smarty

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Hey! lovely beginner blog owners.

How are u today? Let’s refresh your mood with some proven hacks to grow your business.

We all see how easily expert bloggers hang out with their audience. They chat, share problems and discover solutions together. Isn’t it great?

Are you missing those raving online friends?

Want insider tips to getting wildly engaged colossal readers? Then this post is perfect for you.

At the beginning of your blog business, it’s hard to get actively engaged followers. It takes time and some well-planned strategies to grow your community online.

We’ve rounded up 6 best hacks to grow your audience tribe wildly. We’re going to share those plans and strategies which worked a lot for us. Eager to know our secrets?


1.   Lead Your Audience Hub With Affection

You can skyrocket your business when you see your blog as a human similar to your own persona. It’s a brand infused with your own personality. Be a leader for readers visiting on the blog with your helping presence. Build a warm & special relationship with your readers by replying to their comments on your blog and social channels.

Try to fulfill their expectations & needs for which they visit you with love, respect, and devotion. These tips can help you out:

#1 Ask questions about their struggle on your Facebook groups.

If you haven’t joined highly engaging FB groups yet then grab a valuable list here. Search in those groups for phrases like “struggling with”, “need help”, “do you know” and share your helpful thoughts to solve their problems. Don’t forget to provide a link to your resource in groups also with a brief description of yourself.

#2  Energize with perks to fuel their creativity

Use the google search bar for new trends in blogging often. Share with your audience about any helpful tool or app, new free course or resource you found and products you have created too. If any of your followers have great stuff to help other new bloggers than share without thinking.

Let’s take an example of Elna Cain of Twinsmommy. She has a separate page named free stock photos. On that page, she has written a beautiful post about 18 places for Free girly and styled stock photos.

In this post, she generously redirects you to 18 outstanding female blogger’s resources to sign up for free stock photos. That’s what we want to share with you. If you have made links with your audience then strengthen them up with sharing their work too.

2.   Ease Your Audience Visit To Stay Long

Evoke the greed of your readers to explore more & more by making simple navigation throughout your blog. Use related posts wisely to direct them towards other useful content on your blog. Double the chances to make visitors stay longer by upgrading the sidebar.

Use your ABOUT PAGE to showcase your portfolio (if any) as well as popular posts. You can use it for sales or as a tripwire also by placing digital products in the sidebar.

Avoid using so many categories. As a new blogger, your categories probably contains only 2 or 3 posts. So, go without them in the beginning stage.

Be newsworthy & publish valuable quality content on a regular basis. It must inspire viral sharing or natural linking with others.

The best trick which we adopted on smartyblogger is not to publish all the posts at the time of launch. We kept 6 posts in a draft for publishing consistency. If you are not aware of how to schedule posts in WordPress then here is a snapshot to consider. You can choose any date & time with the publishing option in WordPress.

3   Plan Your Email Strategy

Decide the theme of your emails. It simply means to create a series of emails you want to send out to your subscribers. Your theme can be free downloads, worksheets, popular blog posts, failures with solutions, etc.

Set up your welcome email series:

The welcome email series is just to get friendly with your subscribers. Make them feel that you are their best helper and information resource in needy moments. You can include testimonials, takeaways, quick tips, brand story or freebies. Integrate any content that matches & fulfill your brand’s standard.

The best way to learn is by subscribing to your fav ones in your niche and some of the experts also. Then study deeply their emails received in your inbox. Take short notes and note down key points you liked and clicked in the mind first. Then brainstorm your own ideas to create one for your blog promotion merged with your brand’s image.

For quick reference: 6 Helpful Female Bloggers To Empower Your Email Marketing.

Don’t forget to create a Thank You page because it gives you another chance to divert the reader towards any offer you want (paid or free). In simple words increases the chances of sales.

4    Buffer Out Other’s Resources

List out some of the experts as well as other bloggers in your niche you come in contact with while your online research or social media channels. Your followers can also be on this list. Don’t choose randomly, try to include those who have a lot of valuable content to help your readers.

Buffer consistently their work on your social channels. Don’t forget to mention them in the post. The main benefits of sharing other’s work are:

The author appreciates your share & maybe get in touch. You can also approach to build a connection with your guest post pitch as well as for collaboration too.

You can remain active consistently on social channels even when you don’t have own content to share.

Using Buffer strategically can do wonders and above all the talks it is absolutely free.

Buffering daily creates trust & people will look for your own blog launch eagerly.

Sign up for a basic buffer account which is forever free. Install the buffer extension also in your browser. Plan out your whole month posts in advance to share on facebook & twitter. Double-check the content you are sharing because improper links and worthless posts can decrease your engagement with followers.

5    Add A Resource Hub For Your Audience

Endorse your hard work in the form of the resource page. Assemble helpful tools & resources you use most often. Arrange them in a well-categorized order. Conquer the trust of your audience by a little elaboration about why you use each tool.

Try to make your resource hub visually blissful by formatting & using beautiful graphics. Look at these examples to get the words very clear.




Create a pin especially for this page & promote it on each social channel.

Bonus Tip: Include your affiliate and digital (PAID) products also with a good description. Try to make your readers buy any of them by telling how they benefited you. You can use Pretty Link Plugin for short & custom affiliate links.


6    Host A Contest Or Challenge

You can grow your audience very quickly by hosting a viral giveaway or challenge. Just manage to give away a prize to the winner of the contest & enhance your popularity as well as followers. Don’t get trapped in the cage of a costly prize if you can’t afford in beginning days of blogging as you have already invested in the setup of your blog also. The prize to the winner of the contest can also be a digital product but keep in mind that it should be much valuable.

Promotion strategy is a must for maximum audience outreach. A contest or challenge can be conducted via your WordPress blog, social channels and emails too.


Let’s do it with helping your readers because it’s tough for them to trust your brand without warmness, helpful resources, useful freebies, easy communication. So, make sure to create interactive content for evoking your readers to reply, comment or respond. Tell us too about your outcomes, dear.

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