How Brand New Blog Can Get Tons Of Traffic From Google?

by Smarty

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Google organic traffic to a brand new blog.

Sounds interesting as well as surprising. Eager to know how to do this?

Blog visitors or we can say blog traffic is the struggle that every beginner blogger goes through right after blog launch, am I right? The criteria for using social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter has changed a lot these days. You’re also noticing that to gain followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook is now like to move a mountain.

You put time, effort and quality content to your social posts as well as blog posts but still very fewer followers/likes.

The worst part…

If you’re 9 to 5 working mompreneur each failure sucks your mind & evokes you to quit. So, what’s going wrong?
You want traffic from Google, right? Then, this is the ultimate guide you need whether you’re a new blogger or 9 to 5 working mompreneur.

Dive in the generous & proven tactics to work well in the future blogging industry:

1) Keywords For SEO
2) User Experience
3) Voice Search Optimization
4) Fast Loading Website
5) Backlinks
6) Google Answer Box

Have you ever thought that why most internet users prefer Google over Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines? Why Google is working day and night to improve Google Rankbrain?

Firstly, talk about what is Google Rank Brain?

It is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort it’s search results. Rankbrain provides 10% more accurate results for any search query. That is why everyone prefers to use the google search engine for researches.

What’s the catch?

To appear in the top of search results for gaining maximum traffic we need the power of Google Rankbrain. So, integrate these tricks into your content for high rated results:

1) Keywords For SEO

They make your content precise and clear for reading. Keywords are the words that decide the ranking of your web page in Google search results. While designing a blog website, the main element is blog posts.

Posts drive organic traffic to your blog, so it’s necessary to optimize posts with specific keywords. Along with them take care of following terms also:

Well, optimized title tag & Meta description.

How to tutorials & list posts rule as ever.

Embed your own or other relevant SEO optimized videos in your content.

Use the Yoast SEO plugin for keyword density, tags, backlinks, keyword-optimized image audit.

Include inter-relating keywords as Google turns them into concepts for showing the best results for a particular search query. In simple words, optimize your page, blog post and profile too for keywords but not more than two.

Use medium tail keywords instead of long-tail keywords.

Add H1, H2 tags for headings and insert your keyword too.

Don’t spam by reusing your keyword more and more.

Use internal linking wisely.

Keyword optimized images.

Design XML sitemap for your blog website and submit it to Google Search Console.

Use broken link checker free plugin for links good health. 

2) User Experience

Google study the user experience based on listed sites in the search. If your landing page can’t provide the visitor a reason to stay longer then google avoids showing it again in the search results. So, try to make your content interactive as well as useful.

Have a look:

How can you resist staying longer on the blog website of Melyssa Griffin if you’re a true learner? She has a lot of quality content with beautiful designing.

Look at this stunning homepage section of Melyssa. She has used very wisely all the essentials needed for a perfect lead magnet. I’ve marked these essentials in the image for clearly understanding where you need to focus for maximum conversion with the main opt-in form.

1  Simple logo without any fancy designing.

2  Endorsement of a freebie with the separate navigational page.

3  Proof of credibility with showing 2,00,000 others to join & a hugely helpful resource offer in exchange for the email address.

4  Gorgeous self-image adds authority to her brand.

5  Crystal clear message to attract the targeted group of audience + pointing towards the struggle.

6  Clear and convincing CTA(call to action).

These 6 elements instantly make a reader to trust the authority. Ultimately, the reader happily signs up and scroll down to find out more worthy content.

3) Google’s Voice Search Optimization

Have you heard about voice search ranking? With the growing internet users, it’s obvious to do a better job for outstanding search results. Do you know Google claims that by 2020, 50% of searches will take place using voice search?

Voice search SEO is the easiest key to drive tons of traffic even you have a newly launched blog. I just love Amazon echo as my own productivity tool. Have you tried any of these smart gadgets because their voice search feature growth is taking place like an explosion?

Have a look:

Smart speaker devices:

What does this term mean? How these devices can be helpful to a blogger? I’m sure this type of numerous queries is running in your mind. Let’s find the relevant answers here:

Our smart generation needs & demand for hi-tech, multitasking capable, helpful and smart gadgets for their routine work. We crave stress and list free life which is possible by leaving our responsibilities to reliable smart devices like Smart Speaker Devices.

The winner of this race until now is Amazon Echo and Sonos One.


4) Google Loves Fast Loading Website

The loading speed of a website decides the conversion rate. Slow speed always ruins the conversion as they create a bad user experience. The bounce rate drops the ranking gradually. The loading speed result of voice search is much faster as you experience in comparison to web pages. Have you tried Google Assistant? When we ask a question, it answers as soon as possible. The time taken is less than 5 seconds.

So, to rank for voice search your site must load super quickly. The highest-ranked and trustworthy service provider for a fast loading website is Siteground. This company keeps its promise to provide fast speed, secure server, and 99.9% uptime genuinely as shown in the banner below:

Web Hosting

It’s a data-driven fact that HTTPS ( ) secured sites rank much higher than HTTP. Can you risk your traffic for a few bucks? Dear, you shouldn’t.
Do you know there is one awesome & generous hosting service provider who gives you HTTPS facility absolutely free? Yes, you heard it right that it’s totally free when you sign up with Siteground here. In addition, it provides the fastest speed as well as 99.9% up-time. Their pricing is also pocket-friendly for beginner bloggers.

SiteGround has three plans and one can sign for any of them with a great discount through our affiliate link.

It is also good to make a recommendation for the most appropriate plan for your audience:

  • The StartUp plan is perfect for people with one website that are starting now
  • The GrowBig plan is a great value for money offer, including the option for multiple websites and the SuperCacher that greatly improves a WordPress and Joomla website speed
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and larger sites, or more geeky development needs like staging and GIT integration

STEP I Select Your Hosting Plan

STEP-II Choose You Domain

STEP III Review & Place Your Order

Some amazing & impressing plus points of Siteground over other similar service providers are:

Startup: This plan is limited to hosting one website. It includes 10 GB disk space and is suitable for hosting a website having 10,000 monthly visitors. You’ll also get all essential features like 1-click WordPress to install, free setup, website transfer, daily backups, and more.

Grow Big: The Grow Big plan lets you host unlimited websites. It comes with 20 GB disk space and is suitable for hosting websites having 25,000 monthly visitors. You’ll get all the features of the Startup plan, plus you’ l get premium features like Super Cacher, 1-year free wildcard SSL, and more.

Go Geek: GoGeek plan is suitable for small eCommerce websites. It can handle websites having 100,000 monthly visitors. In addition to all GrowBig’s features, you’ll get access to more advanced features like one-click git repo creation, WordPress and Joomla staging, and more.​


1 Highest rated WordPress hosting provider.

2 Unique as well as very fast website loading speed.

3 Very secure server and free CDN by Cloudflare.

4 Free SSL (secure) certificate by Let’s Encrypt.

5 Built-in WP caching.

6 One-click staging.

7 Location-specific hosting service from the USA, Asia, and Europe.

8 Unbeatable customer support with chat + call + tickets (24/7).

9 99.999% uptime always as tested by various sources.

10 SSD means solid-state drives for all web hosting plans.

11 High-speed loading time boosts the user experience as well as SEO.

12 30 days money-back guarantee.

13 Best affiliate product as it sells on its own unique and unmatchable features.

14 A good passive income source for beginner bloggers.

What else we can ask from a hosting service provider? That means Siteground is the right choice if you’re serious to launch a blog business.

Let’s launch our heart crafted epic online business with the best service provider SITEGROUND.

Web Hosting

5) Backlinks With Google

According to the voice search algorithm, the trusted domains are indexed without caring about other ones. In simple words, to rank better you need a strong link authority or backlinks. Google always rank those websites higher which have quality backlinks.

But getting them takes some strategies as listed below:

From social channels like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Guest posting on other’s website.

By writing Roundup and list posts on your blog.

Creating worthy Infographics for every blog post.

Ask other bloggers in a similar niche to get connected by sending emails.

Participate actively with forums like Quora and highly engaged Facebook groups(grab my ready-made list of  top Facebook groups)

Offering free resources and content upgrades.

The old strategy of blog commenting on others blog.

6) Google Answer Box

Don’t overthink. It’s just the source where search results of Google come from. Your chance to appear in this Answer box increase if your content is based on how-to tutorials, FAQ’s, Q’s & A’s, Solutions or lists. Google provides the best answers to its readers in the form of a rich answer, knowledge graph, rich snippet, paragraph snippet, list snippet, table snippet, and youtube snippet.

Your new blog can get more clicks, visibility, and high conversion rate if the content is optimized to appear in Google’s featured snippet. The keys to rank in the Google snippets are:

Keyword research strategy (LSI keywords)

In-depth answers

SEO optimization

One paragraph answer

Use Dean’s Skyscraper Technique

Ready to roll in huge organic traffic with Google?

Hope your content got featured in Google search results much higher. Consistent blogging is also a good method to drive traffic. With growing traffic and blogging for a few months, you will automatically learn what works for your blog? So, just start your biz and feel the awesomeness of this new world i.e blogging.

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