How To Avoid 8 Email Marketing Fears? + Free Checklist To Overcome

by Smarty

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Email marketing sounds like the deadly task for a new blogger, right?

Last week we shared “How to create an excellent email mini-course?” about 9 steps to follow for an automated email course. Today, we are going to reveal how you can surge your list with an effective email marketing strategy?

It’s easier to write a blog post but when it comes to gain readers for it, your pulse starts drowning. When you send an email then it’s open up success is the main goal every email marketer wants to achieve.

Being a beginner blogger, you obviously have many fears about sending your very first email or email series. But believe that you can grow your email list with more subscribers to make sales if overcome all the doubts and fears first. That’s why we have compiled 9 fears and ways to kill them in this article. Sounds interesting to know more?

Wondering how to send perfect emails with perfection? Download our free Blog Promotion Checklist via emails in your beginning days:

Email marketing is the most pocket-friendly and liberal tool to increase your traffic as well as income. So, what are your email marketing fears? Jump to the section you want to read first.

1  HOW TO SEND EMAILS (which service provider to choose)

You don’t have to spend huge money in your initial days but looking and choosing free service like MailChimp is also a good option if you’re serious to grow your blog business. In the beginning days, it’s sure that we are not friendly with email writing, setup and terms like tags, automation, triggers, webhooks, labels, integration, etc.

So, look for the service provider who offers these basic features:

Videos & tutorials for the whole setup

Reasonable as well as affordable pricing

Offers mobile responsive templates to choose

Free trial to understand the tools

Email automation

Reports tracking

Customer support quality

If your service provider is offering all these features then go ahead with it. We recommend Activecampaign and Convert kit as we use and love their service. Don’t go with our words and experience by signing up for a free trial by yourself to see the features in working mode.

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When we sit down to craft our emails or email series what happens most of the times? Mostly blinking cursor, blank screen and a lot of nervousness. Forget those old days talk and start fresh with tried and tested emails like below examples.

Welcome Your guest

A guest offers email when gets assured to receive valuable content and resources from you. So, a subscriber is ready to engage with you when signup first. It’s proven fact that the very first email you send to welcome your guest decides the relationship you’re going to build. Here’s an example of a perfect welcome message:


The next email to welcome must be sassy, interactive and introductory. In simple words, tell a little about yourself and ask a little about your reader to make your communication interactive and engaging. It’s true that email marketing strategy + content is almost as time investment as your blog. That’s why we can say that running an email series is like running a blog. To cut off that hustle and save your precious time Meera Kothand has designed some ready to use templates you can use in your initial stage of email marketing.




This is the most common fear a new blogger faces once in the blogging journey. But when your brand new blog business has all the basic elements in order then the fear of others harsh response vanish out. We know that you can’t wait to be perfect but sound blog setup eliminates 60% failure chances.

To tackle the stress of response your emails will get, take care of these bite-sized tips:

Send emails from a custom domain.

Use valuable headline + subject line.

Highlight the benefits.

Send at an optimal time for the maximum open rate.

Avoid using spammy words.

Colors and graphics must comply with blog branding.

Design mobile phone optimized emails.

Sell your own products or affiliate products wisely.




In the facebook groups we’re engaged, bloggers ask several times that should they send emails even their list is small? Tell us who starts with the large following from day 1? Everybody has to work hard for gaining the trust of their audience. Can you get 1000 signups overnight? Simply No!

List surging always takes time but the speed depends on your efforts and smart resources used. We know that when you try to learn about any topic online in blogging industry different views and contradicting theories came in your way. Small list or no list doesn’t mean that you have no need to design emails or email strategy. It means we have to start at sub-zero.

We mentioned above the email marketing strategy because if you’re keen to have a big list before blog launch then try some tricks to achieve your target like:

Landing Page On Website:

This is how a perfect landing page looks like & to save you tons of time, a little investment can bring you loyal subscribers on autopilot with fully optimized landing pages bundle offered by Bluchic.

avoid-email-marketing-fear12 (1)

Before one or two months of launch, design an exclusive Homepage or you can say the landing page. This one page will automatically grow your list while you’re busy in your blog setup or launch preps. Sounds interesting? Let’s see what it needs?


A Domain Name + Hosting Service like Siteground + A Theme (free like Airi, Sydney and paid like Isabelle, Maggie, Victoria) + Basic plugins if using WordPress.

Wix and Squarespace are also good options if you can invest in your initial days and don’t want to indulge in technical and setup chaos.


Choose an email service provider like Active Campaign or Convert kit. If you need free then MailChimp and Mailerlite are good options. But paid services like Active Campaign or Convert kit are best for bloggers because their automation, as well as autoresponders, work for you as a virtual assistant. Create a welcome email + email series to share your worthy blogging ideas or coming articles. Send some more free downloads to build credibility.


Design a free resource your audience needs or surely want to download. You can create an introductory resource for your coming paid digital product too. Then choose maximum 2 or 3 social media channels with Pinterest one of them. Use your brand name and branding elements to setup profile. Add your freebie link to your social profile section.


Design your homepage as the landing page of your freebie. Schedule it’s sharing to your social channels with free tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, Planoly for Instagram. Create 6 pins for your freebie and schedule them for daily share.

Hurray! You’re ready to surge your list before launching your biz.


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Why fear about having zero products at the beginning of your biz. We’re sure that you’re not setting up blog business only for money, right? You have designed a whole blog with content, graphics, free downloads, opt-ins, landing pages. That takes uncountable sleepless nights and tons of efforts and determination. Think about how creative you’re? 

Don’t indulge in creating own digital products in the beginning days of blog launch. Why?

Less blog traffic.

It takes a lot of research & time.

Needs investment too.

Product failure can make you stressed.

Needs separate marketing.

Sales funnel and tracking.

For making money in beginning days, we can do affiliate marketing. It simply adds money to your wallet and builds a relationship with experts whose products you endorse. In simple words, you get double profit(money by earning commission & influencer outreach).



Being a new blogger you can share your own hustle and personal stories to build a relationship with your readers. Your friendly writing tone makes the reader feel bonded with you. If you write as you speak then the formal feel doesn’t sound in your writing. Consider adding some sauce in your email content writing with the ingredients below:

Simple words & short sentences.

Don’t bet your message feel with grammar.

Try to use active voice in writing.

Make it convincing with examples.

Ask questions for engagement.

Use interactive tools like polls, surveys or quiz.

Evoke emotions with great headlines




The biggest fear beginner blogger goes through while starting list building. Always remember that blog is a business because you’re investing in it, putting efforts to grow it for making an income for living. So, to overcome the fear for unsubscribers find out the possible reasons and ways to eradicate them.

The main 3 reasons found behind unsubscription by experts research are:

1 Sending emails more frequently(means too many emails)

2 Content without any correlation.

3 Pitching only product sale in every mail.

Ways to eradicate common reasons for unsubscribers:

  • Always include information at the footer about how the subscriber had subscribed.
  • Avoid hiding unsubscribe link due to fear of losing subscribers.
  • Don’t make the unsubscription process lengthy.
  • Offer to stay on the list by choosing preferences to receive type or frequency of emails.
  • Don’t think unsubscription a bad thing, It’s good as cleanse your list automatically.




We all know that making sales is always the main aim of running a successful business. So, sending sale pitches are 100% authentic. But how to know the limit to not look like a salesperson? That’s what beginner blogger wants to ask in the forums and communities we are a part of.

Let’s share the actionable and tested ways to with your tribe:

Share what you know

It’s obvious that anybody (a new subscriber or customer) approaches you to find the solutions for their problems. To share tips and tricks to ease the hustles of others in your niche is the secret to building trust and a relationship. You can use how to’s, tutorials, content upgrades to help your readers. But sharing doesn’t mean to give away all the expertise you learned so far for free. Decide what and how much stuff you should share for free to support the sale of your product.

For example – Ana from “THE SHE APPROACH” offers free video + list of affiliate programs to make sales in support of her main product “ZERO TO SUPERHERO”


The free offer 


The paid product →

For in-depth knowledge, you should take the free as well as the paid course. This investment will help to find out how to pitch freebies to generate leads for a paid one.

Ready to rock your blog business with email marketing?

Simple rule for online success is a clear vision, strong dedication, and self-confidence on your abilities. Setup welcome email series(automated) or mini-email course to surge your list.

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